"There's an old saying that you will never understand another person, unless you walk some miles in their shoes ... A beautiful and emotionally honest work." -Joe Gordon, downthetubes

"Sayra Begum's unfailingly honest, enchanting and, at times uncomfortable and demanding, account of a young Muslim growing up in modern Britain examines how arduous social and personal change can be when the old world meets the new and their seemingly incompatible values and ideals collide." -Tim Cundle, Mass Movement

"Deceptively innocent, at once both simple and astounding, Mongrel is an endearing story of struggle told with an intensely honest and vulnerable voice." -Super Serious Comics

"A magical story and a stunning debut, Mongrel is book you must read and share." -Win Wiacek, Now Read This

"Mongrel is one of those graphic novels that will become utilized in classrooms across the world to help open some students to unfamiliar worlds and teach others that they are seen...' - Jodie Scaife, Fanbase Press


Published by Knockabout Comics and Supported by Art Council England.

The front door of Shuna’s family home acted as a gateway to Bangladesh. Nothing haram passed through this door, this was a devout house. When Shuna walked through this door, she switched her rebellious face to her pious face, which eagerly absorbed the teaching of the Prophet, striving to be a good Muslim girl. The switching between these two faces became increasingly difficult as they grew further and further apart.

‘Yes, yes, yes I’ll marry you!’ I said to David. Although, after the celestial shock wore off and dull reality set in, I realised there was a slight problem. I would have to tell my very traditional parents that I was going to marry a non-Muslim and confess my secret life.

It’s my wedding day. My parents are absent.  I’m not surprised. Why would my parents want to celebrate their daughter being damned to an eternity in hell fire?


You can order Mongrel from Waterstones and Blackwells, your local book store...any good book store.

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