Commissioned by Art Fund for The Wild Escape project, celebrating wildlife found in museums and galleries across the UK.

These paintings are based on specimens found in Nottingham Natural History Museum. The first panel captures one of the oldest specimens in the collection, Shoebill (1840s) and in the third panel ends with the youngest, Missy the King Penguin (2019).

Acrylic paintings on Paper (25cm x 25cm)


Panel 1: Shoebill, 1840s. This is one of the oldest specimens in Nottingham Natural History Musem. The Shoebill is an important Type Specimen - it's one of the first examples of this species to be described and named. 

Panel 2: Birds which have been spotted in Britian.  

Panel 3: King Penguin, 2019. Missy is one of the museum's most recent acquisitions. She was found entangled in fishing nets off the coast of South Africa. At the age of 43, she died of old age in Birdland in Gloucestershire.

Nottingham City Museums
Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall

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